May the effort of Recovery Literature glorify God.  Welcome to our little place of expression.

Farris particularly enjoys John 17.  There Jesus describes His unity with us believers and compares it to His unity with the Father.  Our marriage (Ruth and Farris) is ordained by God to be that same picture.  We work daily to overcome our individualism.  It is interesting that our individual talents and gifts from God are not at issue...those blessings to our flesh nature can flow freely and were ordained when we were created; at issue is our self-expression wherein, as subjects in the Kingdom, we want more for God to express Himself through us instead of us expressing our own perspectives, as if they are important.  Our culture teaches individualism and when somebody is particularly good and successful, we make them into idols or heroes.  I pray that we spend more time listening to God instead of the culture.


    Chaplain Farris and Ruth, working daily to be one with the Lord God, know that we must also live in unity on earth.


    January 2013



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